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The Asgard XL RDA is a top airflow 37mm RDA with a semi-postless deck design and 8mm juice well. The build deck brings the classic Asgard style, with its four 2.5mm x 3.0mm individual post holes for easy coil installation with a quick release squonk pin which makes swapping from drip to squonk mode extremely fast and easy. The Asgard line of atomizers has its own unique airflow design is a key aspect to the performance and user experience of the atomizer, however the new Asgard XL has some tricks to bring to the lineup. On the outside, the RDA is sporting 66 airflow holes offering massive intake into the 2nd stage airflow chamber to build pressure before it is diffused onto the coil. The new change comes with how the updated airflow system offers improved under coil airflow direction on the new Asgard XL compared to the previous generations. The Asgard XL is now sporting a airflow shoot integrated into the deck of the atomizer - offering more condensed airflow streams to push further under the coil, grabbing more vapor and flavor particles to give a more dense and saturated user experience.


  • 37mm with 39mm beauty ring
  • 24k gold plated positive pin and post
  • Quick release squonk pin with spare screws set in deck
  • Semi-postless deck
  • 8mm juice well
  • Four 2.5mm X 3mm post holes
  • Ultem heat sink
  • Ultem airflow diffuser
  • Ultem chamber reducer
  • Locking top cap and rail system
  • Spare screws and Orings

- For advanced users only.
- Build and use at your own risk.
- Use only within the safe limits of the battery you use.
-Big 5 Vape Juice & Vaperz Cloud are not responsible for misuse of products and user error.
- Mechanical mods require a basic knowledge of Ohm's law, battery amperage, electrical resistance, as well as experienced in coil-building.

Lithium Ion batteries should never be carried loose in pockets or bags. Always use the case provided.
Never leave a battery unsupervised while it charges.
If your battery wrap is torn or damaged, ensure it is replaced immediately especially if you use unregulated devices.
MOLICEL's have around 500 charge cycles before a noticeable drop off in capacity.
Always recycle your batteries, never crush or incinerate


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